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FAQ and/or policies
  • What should I wear?
These days, anything goes!! You don’t have to match exactly or look identical to one another to get a great picture. It is all about YOU and your personality! As a general rule, you may want to, at the very least, blend with one another and stay in the same style of attire (casual versus dressier) but other than that, go for it! Also, feel free to bring any props or wardrobe that is special to you that you may want to use in your pictures. Musical instruments, sports stuff, family memorabilia or even your favorite chair are just a few ideas. We want to tell a story through your pictures…YOUR story! The more “about you” we can make the photos, the more you will like them.
  • Where should we take the pictures?
Just as in attire, location is completely up to you. I want your pictures to reflect who you are and what you enjoy. Do you and your family prefer park surroundings or is an urban setting more your style? Greenery, railroad tracks, old buildings or any combination, I can find a place that is perfect for you! I will discuss location options when you call to book your appointment.
  • Will there be a location fee?
Depending upon the location chosen, any fees required for access will be added onto the Artistic Fee. That being said, there are TONS of free spots to choose from.
  • Is there a travel fee?
Depending on the location chosen and the distance, a travel fee may be added at the photographer’s discretion.
  • Can we bring our own personal camera and/or video camera to the shoot?
For obvious reasons, personal cameras are not allowed at the shoots. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  • How long before I see my proofs?
I will generally send you or post a few of our favorites within a few days. In about a week to 10 days, you will be contacted with a username and password for the online gallery to make your selections from the 30 to 50 proofs. The gallery will remain online for 2 weeks for you to place your order.
  • Can I order additional prints later?
Absolutely you can. Your proofs will be archived for 1 year. There will be a $20.00 fee for re-posting of the gallery once it has been removed from the site.
  • A note to parents…
I have found that when shooting your little people, sometimes it works better if you, the parents, step away and let us have some time alone. The tendency of a parent is to say things like “Joey, smile!” or “Sara, look this way!” There is a time for taking those pictures, but what I am interested in is capturing them as they are…no matter how they are! Step back and relax, Mom and Dad, and let us do our thing. You will be pleased with what we end up with!!
  • Capture Life Photography reserves the right to use any and all pictures for advertising purposes.
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